Sheaffer Calligraphy Maxi Kit (SH/73404)
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Office Product
3 Calligraphy Fountain Pens
3 nib sizes included
various ink cartridges

Editorial Reviews
Sheaffer Calligraphy Maxi Kit. Comes with 3 Viewpoint Calligraphy pens with color coded caps & nib rings, 3 nibs (fine, medium, broad), 14 assorted Skrip ink cartridged, instruction booklet.
Customer Reviews

Great For Anyone Beginning Calligraphy - Nathan Beauchamp "Co on Dec 7, 2008

This set is a great 'beginner' set for anyone who would like to learn calligraphy. The pens included are not high quality, but they are more than sufficient for practice. The paper provided is like tracing paper, and allows you to place it over a practice source and trace each letter or sentence. Sometimes the ink can bleed through the paper, so be careful not to press too hard.


Many ink refills included in the package

A good basics of calligraphy book included

Priced very well


The pens are not high quality, but that hardly matters at the price.


This is a great bargain for anyone who would like to start calligraphy. Also would be a great Christmas present for an artistic child.

Excellent Starter Kit! - Joe Krenn on Jan 30, 2010

An excellent starter kit for anyone interested in learning the art of the calligraphy. Contains many different ink colors and three different nib sizes as well as a small booklet on the basics of different types of fonts to write with. The gothic style is my favorite and my writing with this set is actually a lot better looking than my regular handwriting.

A Good Basic Set To Learn With. - C. Wollin on Mar 28, 2009

I bought this when it was a Gold Box special and gave it to my son for Christmas. He was very happy with it and has used it quite a bit. It comes with plenty of extra ink and some practice paper. Not the best set, but great for someone wanting to try calligraphy.

Excellent Value For Beginners - Elizabeth Behring "L on Feb 6, 2012

I got this set to try my hand (pun intended) at addressing my wedding invitations. After only about 20 minutes of practice in the included book, I was ready for action! While I'm not going to win any beautification awards, most of the addresses came out nicely. The box includes three empty pens, several colors, including purple, red and green and a "how-to" booklet, as well as a pad to practice with. It takes some hand and pressure adjusting, but overall this is a fun set and is definitely worth the price, even if just to check it out for a potential hobby.

Great Set Of Pens - ECH on Feb 12, 2011

I have been doing calligraphy for many years, always love these pen sets, by sheaffer. They do exactly what is expected! The ink window is a nice touch. I never realized one short letter can use 1/2 a tube of ink.

Everything You Need To Get Started - #1 Shopper "bargain on Jan 8, 2009

This item is an excellent kit for anyone interested in calligraphy. It contains everything needed for beginners or advanced calligraphers. I was very impressed with the quality of the instruments and the variety. Great value!!

Not For Everyone - Caitlyn Byrne on Oct 22, 2011

I was looking for a quick way to play around with calligraphy, so I bought this set based on the reviews. The biggest issue I have with this set is the 'thins'. I find that unless you are really flying as you write, the ink bleeds horrendously, leaving very little difference between thicks and thins. Not good for the beginning calligrapher who doesn't have the skill to go fast.
(I was trying a dip pen last night, and found that the dip pen did produce the thins that I was looking for. However, you of course trade the nice writing for the dipping inconvenience.

Lots of colors included
The smallest nib works well enough for non calligraphy use (as a general fountain pen)

Ink bleeds

In short, the set is not for everyone. I'll be switching to dip pens.

Enjoyable Set - Princess Diane on Oct 18, 2010

I have used Shaeffer Calligraphy pens in the past for wedding invitations. This set rovides many options (beyond standard black). If you are searching for a colored ink but aren't sure which one to use, this gives some great samples to try out for the more adventureous client or calligrapher. You can also experiement with the different nibs and colors to create numerous examples, or find what is just right for you. The included booklet provides some fun examples and suggestions for different styles of writing. Only thing missing is the lined paper they suggest using for spacing purposes.

Love This Kit - Meredith Russell "Pi on Feb 16, 2010

This kit is great. There is actually a book inside with examples of different calligraphy styles and an unlined practice pad. The inks aren't labelled with their color so that is kind of a guessing game, but other than that it is a great product.

Good For Learning - Jenny M "Jenny" on Oct 29, 2012

SUMMARY: It's great for learning without investing in more expensive pens and inks. It gives you the opportunity to try new things out and play around with a craft while you decide if this is something you want to become good at. I think this is a good investment.
This is a decent calligraphy set to learn with. Until I tried better pens, I thought it was excellent. I've been using this set for about 20 years (very few years I'd need a new set because of moves or cats stealing them off the table, etc.).

I've learned a lot about calligraphy in the last new months. One of the things I was surprised to find (although it shouldn't have surprised me) is that this is an inexpensive way to try out calligraphy, but it's not good for anything beyond that stage.

It comes with a small instruction book. I highly recommend a trip to the library for another book to get you more samples of fonts to use. I have found some fonts that are easier to learn with, and I'm going to start learning the one with lines now. You can also buy books about calligraphy, but if you're just fooling around deciding if this is something you want to try out, the library might be cheaper. Plus, if you haven't been in a library for a while, you might find that your local library's changed. I know mine has!

These pens are also useful in helping you learn how to hold the pen and write with it without you purchasing a more expensive pen and then ruining the nib. That being said, the nibs are ok but not great. Like I said, they're good for a beginner, but they're not high quality. I was very surprised at the difference in writing when I switched to a better nib.

I played around with these pens for years before purchasing a higher quality pen. I regret not making the switch sooner (20 years with three version of this set is too long to use an intro set like this), but I've only recently learned the differences between the more expensive pens and this inexpensive kit.

Just As Expected - ChemTeach2005 on Jul 24, 2011

You will get just as you expect. The box it comes in is reuseable and closes with velcro which is perfect for keeping the materials organized. Instructional informaiton and practice paper are included. Many colors of ink and three different tips - small, medium, and large - are provided. This is great for beginners and for practicing. More advanced calligraphers will think this kit is too basic.

Make Invites, Christmas Cards, Table Settings And More Drip With Elegance - Chandler on Oct 21, 2012

Calligraphy is not hard to learn, and there are guides on the internet. I actually used to teach it to 6th graders when I was an art teacher. The real trick is holding your pen so the nib is at an angle like the "backslash" key on a keyboard so that some parts of the letters turn out thick and others turn out thin. Add to that some other touches and you can create beautiful things in no time at all.

This kit actually was a bargain considering the cost of just one pen and ink.

It contains:

3 pens with nibs of different thicknesses. If you write on something small, use the smaller you write on larger items, you larger nibs. Otherwise, it's too hard to use a large pen on a small piece no different than writing with a thick marker.

The pens all have a clear window in them to show you how much ink you have have left.

You can change out the nibs on the if you are using red ink on the thick pen, you can change out the nib to a small one on the pen.

14 ink cartridges and a variety of colors

(extra black ink)

tracing pad & instruction booklet and that's the great part. You can actually read how to do each letter and then practice on a tracing pad over each letter. Need more practice? Order a tracing pad with your order for this or get one at any arts supply place. And also remember there are a variety of ways to write calligraphy. As long as your letters show that thick and thin look when holding the pen correctly, you don't have to do the strokes exactly like they show any more than any adult still does cursive the exact way they learned in gradeschool. All writing is a little different and the more I practice calligraphy, the more ornate it gets!

Incidentally, I do not like calligraphy markers. The ink doesn't flow well enough and the nibs are too thick. I always use ink calligraphy pens.

Also: When you have a party and have food out, buy little cards and note what each appetizer laid out on the table one has to seek you down to ask, especially if on a special diet or limited palette, and it looks beautiful. Also great for big feasts like Thanksgiving when not everyone knows what the dish is by sight or what's in it (and, since I don't eat meat, I'm forever asking questions like that myself!)

Great Starter Kit - journey2 on Feb 1, 2011

I bought this for my recently retired husband because he requested one. I didn't want to spend a lot of money on it, thinking it was a (I just want it) kind of gift. Low and behold, he loves the thing. We are actually sending more cards and letters since he wants to use it so much. I like it too (hee hee). Good purchase.

I Can Do It! - Gina Crifasi on Jun 27, 2012

I wanted to try to figure out how to address my wedding invite envelopes and look at least somewhat professional. I actually felt like I knew what I was doing after about 1 hour of practice with this kit. I was very impressed with myself. When I tried to buy just the pen, it was disastrous, so I'm glad I bought this kit.

Sheaffer Calligraphy Maxi Kit - Edith Valencia "Edit on Dec 29, 2011

Bought this for my mom for Christmas. It arrived quickly, which was a plus, especially for Christmas. She loves this set. I tried it out, and I also love it. The pens aren't top quality, but it's a great starter kit. I bought an additional calligraphy instructional book, but this set comes with basic instructions on how to write using different calligraphy styles. It also comes with an pad to practice your writing on.

Great Pens - M. Nicholson on Dec 3, 2010

I'm just learning calligraphy but I think these pens are great. It comes with a bunch of different colored inks and three different nibs (tips). I highly recommend this product.

We Really Like It - B. Cody on Jan 28, 2012

I got this as a gift for my boyfriend who use to do calligraphy a long time ago. He's been saying he wanted to get back into it, but I wasn't ready to drop a hundred on a set if he was going to do it a few times and forget about it again. This was a great comprimise. I'm not sure why some reviews say the lines are too thin or it's hard to use - the only difficult part was figuring out how to insert the ink into the pen. Apparently you have to snap it in there and then the ink only flows when pressure is applied - but there were no actual directions for this. Maybe all pens like this work this way, but he's only used ink well pens before so it wasn't really obvious. But he's been practicing with the pens and he really likes it. I'm excited to try myself! I've only ever used those felt-tip calligraphy pens but these seem really easy to use.

Sheaffer Calligraphy Maxi Kit - Sherry on Jan 4, 2011

This Calligraphy set is perfect for beginner practice.
My daughter is a beginner at Calligraphy and the set works perfectly for her.

Great Beginner Set - Kysten "Kysten" on Aug 23, 2012

Great kit to get you started with calligraphy without spending a lot of money. Pens write rather smoothly for such an inexpensive set and you get plenty of ink cartridges to get you started. I'm glad I chose this kit, because since I am new to fountain pens in general, I did not realize you cannot remove a cartridge until it is empty...unless you want ink to spill everywhere. A lot of similar kits only include one pen body and several nibs. This limits you to writing with one size nib and color until you run out of ink in one cartridge. With this kit you can write in 3 different sizes and colors in one sitting.

Minor complaints:

I did notice that ink slowly seeps out of the seam on the front of the nibs when pens are stored laying flat. Hopefully storing upright will remedy this. The instructional booklet included could be larger so you can see the directional arrows on how to draw the letters better. The practice pad included is more like a scratch pad, very small and flimsy, and the ink bleeds through the pages.

Overall, I would recommend this to anyone that wants to get acquainted with writing calligraphy.

Predrag Maksimovic Review - Predrag Maksimovic on Feb 1, 2012

Extraordinary valuable tools for the beginners to calligraphy! Having in mind the price, I would highly recommend it for purchasing.

Great For Beginners - Colton "Colton" on Dec 31, 2011

this set is pretty good. it isn't the best the ink runs a little bit but if your a beginner it is great. i am a beginner at calligraphy and when i first started i didn't really like this set but as i practiced and got better i saw that this is a really good set. many different colors of ink and the three nibs are awesome, this is just an excellent set. one negative is the instruction booklet doesn't really help it just shows how to write and the trace paper it comes with is a little thick, when i used it i couldn't see the material i was tracing. over all great set for beginners.

Sheaffer Calligraphy Maxi Kit - Christina_H on May 21, 2011

Great deal. I don't think you can find a better one. Lots for your money. The 14 cartridges are great for mixing things up and adding a little bit of color. Great for scrapbooking. Easy to use and even comes with tracing paper for practicing. Fast delivery and easy-open packaging. Love it! Thanks!

Nice Product - Lauren on Feb 11, 2011

I have enjoyed using this set for wedding save-the-date envelopes, but sometimes the pens are a bit hard to write with in terms of having the ink come out consistently. (Though maybe that is the case with all caligraphy pens) Overall, I am still highly pleased with my purchase.

Nice Beginner Pens! - Hannah on Nov 28, 2012

Really nice pens when just starting to learn calligraphy. Great selection of colors and simple to use. Wonderful little kit that is worth the money!

Overall Very Pleased - Meashway on Oct 17, 2012

As a first time calligrapher who needed to address wedding Save the Dates and Invitations, I was very pleased with this product. There are lots of ink cartridges that come with it (hopefully enough to last through all my invitations!), and extras of black, which was nice. My only complaint is that sometimes it would take the ink a while to start flowing again after stopping for no apparent reason. Otherwise, the pens were very easy to use and the final product turned out beautifully!

Great Variety - MorganneTea on Sep 4, 2012

I love that it has 3 different size options and tons of ink. The ink does.. squirt out sometimes and it definitely stains. My only issue is the ink flow isn't awesome, sometimes causing an awful scratching noise. They're great for making things look "fancier" though

Great For A Beginner - Spittens on Jul 12, 2012

These are great to learn with, or just for general use. Sometimes if you leave it sitting for a while it takes a bit of writing for the ink to start flowing again, but I haven't had one clog up on me like the last set I had from a different brand.

Good For Play - carb101 "carb101" on Jul 5, 2012

I bought this kit for my 9 year old daughter, who wanted to fool around with calligraphy. I hadn't realized it, but her sister has - and has mostly used up - the same kit. The ink cartridges are slim and only 2" long. I can't imagine the it will last long. Plus my daughter reports that if you remove the cartridge to change ink colors and do not put the pierced cartridge into another pen, the ink will dry up. We're going to try using some sort of putty to seal then end and keep this from happening.

The kit contains 14 cartridges, three pen bodies, three nibs, and a calligraphy instruction booklet. There's also a lot of dead space in the box; it looks like more than it is. It's perfectly fine for someone who just wants to fool around, but I think anyone who truly wishes to learn the fine art of calligraphy should start off with some nicer equipment.

Calligraphy Kit - Luke Pham "Luke Pham on May 6, 2009

The kit that arrived was wonderful except for the quality of the pens. The ink did not write well at all. I thought that it was a problem with the paper that I was using, but it was actually just the pen and the ink. It tends to smear a lot, I would not purchase this product, I'm in the process of finding a better quality set of calligraphy pens.

It May Produce Severe Frustration - rp on Jun 26, 2012

The pen quality is quite mediocre. The whole kit for the price it isn't too bad, but you should expect problems with the ink flow -even if you don't let it sit (if you do so you will end up probably with useless pens). Problems that can be quite frustrating.

It is probably better to spend a bit more on quality...

Good Most Of The Time - BuickGirl1986 on Mar 29, 2012

I just bought it cause I love righting, and the pens are great, sometimes they are a little hard to get flowing or they will stop getting ink on one side. All in all good pens would recommend, good for the price.

Calligraphy Kit - Maria L. Balmaceda " on Mar 5, 2012

Every now and then i buy this calligraphy kit because im always losing some of the pens. I totally recommend this
kit for people who likes hand writing. Love it!!!

Great Starter Set - Laura Lee on Jan 3, 2012

I got this for my 10 year old daughter. She didn't really know what calligraphy was, but was interested to try it once it was explained to her. It was a little hard to get the pen to "flow" with ink. I tried (I used to do calligraphy many moons ago.) and I found this pen to be a little tricky. You have to have just the right angle and pressure for the ink to flow and it actually write. So, my 10 year old was getting a little bit frustrated. I'm thinking with practice she will get it.

The pens are pretty cheap plastic, but the tips seem ok. I think for the price, this is a decent starter set.

I do wish it came with a larger sized tablet to practice writing in. It is about 8 inches wide by 5 inches tall.

Calligraphy Pen Set - T. Brown on Apr 7, 2010

I bought it as a gift for someone who loves to draw and they loved it! The set comes with different colors and three pens to choose from

Not Satisfied With The Nib - rpv on Dec 15, 2012

I was expecting a regular nib as in fountain pens. The nib is fairly flat and writing is not elegant with a thick line. Are all calligraphy fountain pens like this? The ink flows smoothly for me after flushing few times after a period of use, there are several cartridges. The pen itself is a very cheap plastic quality. I have several fountain pens, and wanted to try the Sheaffer touch. Sorely disappointed.

Good Quality - phoenix Summer on Dec 11, 2012

The reason I didn't give it five stars is because it only writes at certain angles, and sometimes the ink rushes out, I don't know if this is common for calligraphy sets. However I really like it and plan to give it a lot of use, I have no qualms about this purchase. The booklet is kind of short, but still helpful.

Rediscovering - Doretta R. Loyd "x4l on Dec 1, 2012

I am loving rediscovering how much fun I had with calligraphy. Now to figure out how to make my ink go further. These pens are great. High quality.

Sheaffer Calligraphy Pens.... - Vicki E. Bessent on Oct 21, 2012

Like the pens, but like the older Sheaffer Pens better. So as I never run out of ink in the little ink cartridges, I refil them with my Pelikan Inks.
Love the broad point pens. Makes for a pretty hand writting. Use them for every day writting and watch the compliments. You won't believe it. Most people have never seen penmenship. :)

Not Great. - Saul Nathanson on Sep 23, 2012

Nice set and choice of nibs and ink but I found all the pens could not provide a consistent and uniform delivery of ink. I was constantly "running out of ink" and had to shake the pen to get it flowing. Would not recommend.

Nice Set - LadyRae13 on Sep 22, 2012

I really like this set, with the different widths and colors available for calligraphy. However, (and I am not sure whether it's the fault of the pen, or if that is just how calligraphy pens work) the color in one ink does not run out for a while, even if I try to replace it with another color. However, the colors are so pretty and bright nonetheless, and I love the ones that I got.

Very Nice Item - J. Spell "Judy Spell on Dec 17, 2009

I recieved this item in record time, and I love the quality of it!! Thank you

Misleading Box - HonestBuyer on Jul 6, 2012

I am currently studying Copperplate and thought that this book would supplement it well. I ASSUMED that because there was copperplate on the box it would be covered in the instructional booklet. Well...I was wrong. There was actually only one cursive font included and it was very messy looking not Copperplate at all. There is also almost no instruction included. It is basically a printout of Microsoft fonts with tracing paper.

I guess its nice that I have lots of colors to work with in the future but not what I expected at all. If you want a few pens and colors to play with then its great. However, dont expect to learn anything from it.

***The product arrived in great condition and on time.

Excelent - Silent Writer on Jan 24, 2012

these pens were sent to me perfectly and not one damaged. Those that write stories i highly say these pens are the best to use for the hand written birth for your story.

잉크가 다양하게 들어서 좋기는 한데;; - sen on Dec 3, 2012

넣어두면 자주 말라서 계속 뭐랄까;;; 자주 물에 갈아줘야해서 좀 귀찮네요;
페럴렐 펜이랑 너무 비교되네요; 하지만 잉크는 아주 진해서 좋아요. 굿

Gift For My Daughter - CMBMSKL on May 10, 2011

My daughter wanted a Calligrapy set, so I bought this one. Don't know much about these type of pens, but my daughter was happy to get them. She hasn't complained about them, so I guess she's content with them. I'm happy if she's happy.

Great But Small - lovegraceeeee on Jan 31, 2012

I just received the Sheaffer Calligraphy Maxi Kit in the mail. The kit was smaller than I thought it would be. I did see the size of this package, but the pens and ink don't cover the whole box. In other words, the ink was smaller than other pens I've used before. I am greatly satisfied on how the pen looks and the feel of the grip for the tips; however, I don't think this ink will last long. I ordered 5 extra blue refills. With this much ink, I doubt I will last long with this ink. The refills were fairly expensive and if I needed extras, that would be a lot of money I would have to spend. They were about 5~8 dollars and I think that is slightly more expensive than the other companies. I think this package is worth it.

Very Poor Set - Phyllis A. Fulmer "p on Feb 22, 2012

not satisfied at all. not worth a buck. ink does not flow smoothly. not for a beginner and frustrating and im not a beginner, the ink hardly has color.

Arrived On Time - Bob on Sep 10, 2009

I purchased this item as a present for someone. It arrived promptly and the person was very pleased.

Avoid Shaeffer Pens - J. Beaulieu "gwerlly on May 26, 2010

I may or may not pick up this kit, but from long experience with many very good pens, I've learned one thing -- Shaeffer pens are dreadful. It doesn't matter whether it's a cheap or a pricey model, it will leak all over the place and the nibs don't write well.

I've had the same experience with Cross pens, which to the uninitiated in the world of good pens always seem to be the best you can get. I've had a good many of them, and even a Cross pencil never worked right.

When I get to it, I'm hopping over to Fahrney's pens and purchase a good calligraphy pen.

The comment by another reviewer -- that the practice paper in the kit was so thin it bled all over the image being copied -- means I probably won't buy this kit. Leaking Shaeffer pens are bad enough; leaking through the practice paper is really outrageous!

I've noticed of late that certain vendors sell "kits" of pens or pencils or other art media, and when you get them, you'll have almost no paper to work on and the vendor never tells you what kind of paper you need to work on the kind of media you're tackling.

You're best off if you try vendors that sell art materials or that sell GOOD pens! Yes, you're going to spend a lot of money on a really good pen [think Montblanc Meisterstuck used-to-be-called the "Diplomat" -- which 15+ years ago set me back around [...] -- but that pen still works as well for me as it did the day it arrived. You do the math -- it comes out to about [...] year, and nowdays you're going to spend almost [...] on 4 or 5 felt-tip pens. Where would you rather spend your money?
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